Privacy Policy
TicketSeba, shall not share, sell or make use of the personal information transmitted them
through electronic environment via ticketseba.com web site ("Web Site") and TicketSeba ("Mobile
App") to the third parties except the indicated object related to collecting of information.
TicketSeba can detect and use the IP address of the users if it is required to identify the problems
relating the system and to immediately solve the problems that may arise arise on the Web Site.
IP addresses can be used for generally identifying the users and collecting comprehensive
demographic information.
The users can be required to give personal information through the Web Site to be a member of
the TicketSeba or to get the titles as seller. TicketSeba, can use these required information with
TicketSeba or TicketSeba 's partner bus, launch, flight, hotel service providers and other service
providers for direct marketing. Personal information can also be used for communicating with the
users if required. The information required by TicketSeba or provided by the user or related to the
procedures carried out via the Web Site and Mobile App can be used for various statistical
analysis, creating data base, providing package / offers special to the user and market research by
TicketSeba and its collaborative persons.
TicketSeba, can give links to other web sites on the Web Site and Mobile App. TicketSeba, has no
responsibility of the privacy applications and contents of the websites accessed through such link.
Personal information of the users include name-surname, address, phone number, e-mail address
and any other information used for identifying the user. Unless otherwise indicated
TicketSeba.com in this privacy policy TicketSeba, shall not disclose any personal information to
the third parties except the companies that
 is in corporation and the affiliated
companies. In the cases indicated Serim below, TicketSeba can act out of the terms of this privacy
policy and disclose the user information to the third parties. These cases are;
1. The obligations required by Law, Executive Order, Regulation etc. adopted Serim by authorized
legal authority and applicable provisions of the law;
2. TicketSeba's carrying out the obligations required by the agreement signed by the users and
applying these requirements;
3. The user information required by a prosecution or investigation duly carried out by authorized
management and legal authorities
4. The disclosure required to protect the rights or securities of the users.
TicketSeba, guarantees to keep the confidential information private and confidential, and assume
and maintain it as a confidentiality obligation, take all the measures and show the required care
to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of the information to the public or the third parties.
TicketSeba, can obtain the information of users and users' use of the Web Site via a technical
communication file (Cookie) prepared by itself or the third parties. Such technical communication
files are small text files sent by a web site to the browser of the user to be kept in the main
memory. Technical communication file makes the internet use easier by keeping the status and
preferences of a web site. Technical communication file helps to collect statistic information about
how many users use the Web Site, why and how many times a person visits the Web Site and how
much time spends on the Web Site and to dynamically produce advertise and content from the
user pages specially designed for the users. Technical communication file is not designed to get
data from the main memory or e-mails or any other personal information. Most of the browsers
are designed to accept the technical communication files at first, however, if they wish, the users
can change the settings as not to get the technical communication files or to be warned when a
technical communication file is sent. The information requested by the users who answer the
periodical polls taken within the Web Site by
TicketSeba, are used for direct marketing, statistical analysis and creating database by TicketSeba
and its collaborative persons.
TicketSeba, can change the provisions of this privacy policy any time by publishing it on the Web
Site. The provisions of privacy policy changed by TicketSeba is effective as of the date that it is
published on the Web Site.
TicketSeba, sends weekly newsletters to inform its users about economic developments, agenda
and their own areas. If it seems required or if it is agreed with the third party partners it can send
Campaign / Offer / Package announcements containing promotion and information. The users
can block these e-mails sent them by clicking the link, as it is explained under the e-mail.
If you would like to unsubscribe from our daily e-mail list any time, you can easily unsubscribe
from newsletter membership by clicking the link "Please click to unsubscribe from our newsletter
list" given below our e-mails.
Please contact us from info@ticketseba.com or our +880(0) 9611888603 numbered call center, for
any questions.
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